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The 3D metaverse is dedicated to the field of 3D enviroments, traditionally in the model and using the protocols established by Second Life.

Second life has it's own Wikia, so the primary focus of this wiki will be on Opensimulator and WhiteCoreSim (formerly AuroraSim).

The goal of this wiki will be to provide metaverse citizens with guides on how to set up and utilise "metaverse" servers on computers that they control (for example desktop pcs or VPS).

I (Han Held) would like to include a social focus as well -but I haven't decided what shape that will take, so for the moment I will focus on the technical aspects.

Spam and deliberate vandalism will be dealt with as necessary.

"Second Life" is a trademark of Linden Labs (tm)

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  • new page Opensim Co-ordinates
    created by HanHeld
    New page: As far as I'm able to tell, x,y,z co-ordinates are universal -but I'm not going to a-priori assume that until I've tested for differences between...
    Added photo:
  • edit White Core Notes
    edited by HanHeld diff
    Edited the section: Notes on Getting, installing and Running Whitecore Sim
  • new page White Core Notes
    created by HanHeld
    New page: Add Video Add Image Write the first paragraph of your page here. PurposeEdit These are my (Han Held) notes on getting WhiteCoreSim (formerly...
  • new page Virtual World Content
    created by HanHeld
    New page: Add Video Add Image This page lists free to use content available for opensim and other virtual worlds Open Source contentEdit Currently, there...
    Summary: Page created, added basic sites.
  • new page Opensimulator
    created by HanHeld
    New page: Opensimulator is a BSD licensed server techology whose goal is to provide a framework by wich people are able to create and host 3D environments....
  • edit User blog:HanHeld/Introduction and goals
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    Summary: Blog post created or updated.
  • new page User blog:HanHeld/Introduction and goals
    posted by HanHeld
    New blog: Hi I have created the "3D Metaverse" wikia today, and this is the basic outline and goals for it: 1) Create a page and sub-pages on Opensim 2) Create...
    Summary: Blog post created or updated.
    Added category: Blog posts
  • edit 3D Metaverse Wiki
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  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by TimmyQuivy


    Hello, We're excited to have 3D Metaverse Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful t... 

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