Opensimulator is a BSD licensed server techology whose goal is to provide a framework by wich people are able to create and host 3D environments.

Started in early 2007, the Opensimulator project has become increasingly featureful and stable with each release, though the developers stress that it should still be considered Alpha software.

While there are many commerical services which use Opensimulator as their base (including grids and Hosting Providers), there is a large non-commerical  infrastructure which utilises the OpenSimulator software to create custom environments which people are able to use and share with others.

Features of OpensimulatorEdit

Opensimulator can be used as a framework to implement shared 3D enviroment protocols. The most commonly used protocol is probably the one modelled after "Second Life".

Some of the features Opensimulator provides are:

The ability to host one or more "regions" which can be used to build or share user-created 3D objects and displays

To create a shared space where people are able to meet and interact with each other through custom 3D representations ("avatars")

Create three dimensional content or to script content, alone or in real time with other "avatars"

Providing the collection of regions which share asset and user account services (a "grid").

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Opensimulator ResourcesEdit

Software distributionsEdit

Ener Hax's "Sim On A Stick" distribution

Diva Canto's "Diva Distro" (also used in "Sim on a stick")

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