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These are my (Han Held) notes on getting WhiteCoreSim (formerly "Aurorasim") running on a Linux computer. As far as I know, the steps should be similar for WIndows.

Notes on Getting, installing and Running Whitecore SimEdit

First, grab "whitecore", Rowan Deppler has packaged up a "whitecore on a stick" distribution, and that's what we're going to be using.

The links to get it are here: (Linux/Mono package)

Second, unpack and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. I unpack my copy in ~/wsc, but it really doesn't matter -anywhere is fine.

cd ~/wsc

tar zxvf ~/Downloads/WhiteCore_Linux.tgz


cd WhiteCore

Second, configure Mysql:

mysql -u root

after mysql loads, type the following at the prompt:

create user 'whitecore'@'localhost' identified by 'whitecorepass';

create database whitecoresim;

grant all on whitecore.* to 'whitecore'@'localhost';

then type "quit" or "\q" to exit mysql.

Add the inital database data:

While still in your WhiteCore folder, type the following from the command line:

mysql -u whitecore -pwhitecorepass whitecore <whitecore_initial_data.sql

After that, you're ready to go! To start the server you have three choices:

./ (to run in the current window)

./ (to run in the background -requires /usr/bin/screen -install with apt-get install screen or your distro's equivalent)

./run_gridserver (I haven't used, but presumably this runs WhiteCore in grid mode).

Logging in

af this point, we're ready to log in. Configure your viewer (Firestorm, Kokua or Singularity strongly recommended) with the following data:

login URI:

Then log in as one of the included accounts:
User Name: Simona Stick   (female avatar)
User Name: Simon Stick    (male avatar)
Password: 123             (for both avatars)

Alternately, create your own account (either from the console using the "create user" command, or from the web console at ).

SIDENOTE: if you use firefox's noscript plugin, remember to enable scripts for